Stuff I’m Thinking About

I am sitting here at 4am, tired and debating with myself what to write about. Most things I think about don’t sound very interesting. So, since I don’t really have one topic to write about, I am just going to write about whatever comes to me.

Stuff I'm Thinking About

I see it so often, you’d think I’d be used to it. But, I still hate when someone says something like “I’ve been cleaning all day, I think I have OCD!” or “My moods have been up and down today, I think I have a touch of Bipolar!”

No you don’t. Being a clean person doesn’t mean you have OCD. Do a search on the internet for OCD and see the hell that real sufferers go through every day, and I bet you won’t wish it on yourself. And, there is no such thing as having a “touch of Bipolar”. Bipolar sufferers switch between uncontrollable highs and disturbing lows, and the fact that you are moody for a day doesn’t make you any more Bipolar than I am.

And please stop referring to your stupid friend, who cracks jokes all the time, as a “Schizo”. Those of us with a Schizophrenic illness don’t find it funny. Call us sensitive, but misusing these words only increase the stigma, and that makes it harder for us to live our lives in peace.

Just stop it people!


I don’t understand. It says I have over 400 followers, but my stats say I am getting only 50 hits per day and some of them are coming from Twitter and Google. Maybe my writing just isn’t interesting enough lately for my followers to visit.

Is everyone using the “Blogs I follow” feature in the Reader and

I don’t know why I am complaining; I should be happy anyone reads at all.


I woke up today and could hardly walk down the steps because my back and buttocks hurt so bad. I think this is just a bad case of bloggers butt because I have been spending a lot of time glued to my chair staring at my computer.

Maybe I’ll take a walk and get a little exercise today and stretch my muscles. Hopefully it won’t rain all day like it did yesterday and last night.

Ah, rainy season in the Philippines. Gotta love it!


Why are Kenny G songs running through my head?

My wife likes to play her CD’s in the car and I often find myself humming along or singing at inappropriate times. This is the song I am obsessing about right now:

I guess it’s not as bad as yesterday when I was humming nursery rhymes.


Please leave me some comments. I’m lonely. Comment on anything.

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9 thoughts on “Stuff I’m Thinking About

      • I usually look in my reader and then view the original, but sometimes I get interrupted before I can comment. I’m job hunting now, so my online time has been sporadic. But I am thinking about you, and reading along, and I will keep coming back!

        I do think using mental illness terms nonchalantly is for the most part ignorant but unintentionally harmful. Advocacy and education is important, personal stories are helpful, and when famous people with mental illness speak out I think it is beneficial – the world sees a functioning successful mentally ill person, and hopefully their brain can extrapolate to the general population.

        A problem exists when society can’t be okay with the different levels of functioning that can exist with mental illness; that creates shame. The lack of resources to help people with mental illness is inexcusable.

      • Oh, what kind of job are you looking for? Depending on your field, LinkedIN is a great place to network and find jobs. I used it when I was looking for web design jobs.

        Anyway, Thank you for your comments. I always look for you when I post something and I thank you for your support.

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