A Boring Post on Where I Have Been

It’s been a really rough couple of weeks.

I haven’t written in a week because I was dealing with a very tough situation. I was dealing with some very bad withdrawals from my medication and it was getting worse every day. This past week it got to the point where the only thing I could do was stay in bed and moan and cry.  I was dealing with the “normal” that I experience every day: depression, anxiety, racing thoughts, paranoia, voices. In addition, I had these withdrawals:  Flu-like aches and pains, skin sore to the touch, dizzy, numb, light-headed and a weird sense of reality in my thoughts.

What’s changed? Well, I went to my “Doctor”, and basically told her I need to be back on the pills I was on before the hospitalization. She put me back on, because she really didn’t know or care what I was taking anyway, and now I am starting to feel better. It’s sad that I know more about medication than my doctor, but I’ve come to expect it from her. Regardless, I am now back on the medications that were marginally working, but a higher dose, so I am expecting good things.

So, I am back, for good I hope. It’s been a really weird time for me, but I hope that the bad things can soon fade away and I can get on to a better time in my life.

I need to catch up on the blogs I read too. I haven’t been doing many of the things I took for granted before, but I plan to for the next couple of days at least.

I have some really good topics I am going to be writing the next couple of days, hopefully not too controversial, that have been on my mind while I was sick. I have been spending a good amount of time on Twitter, so I always seem to run into things that get stuck in my mind, for one reason or another.

I know, this post was kind of boring, but I promise things will get better.




2 thoughts on “A Boring Post on Where I Have Been

    • Next month I am changing to a doctor I found when I was in the psych unit. He is head of the Psychiatric Department of a group of hospitals, so I hope he can help me. There has to be someone who can.

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