Elliot Rodger’s “Retribution”: Mentally Ill or Just Misogynistic?

You know from reading my blog that I don’t normally comment on current events or get involved in debates. But, I woke this morning to my Twitter feed blown up with comments about this drive-by shooting by Elliot Rodger. It seems now the media has taken it upon themselves to call him “mentally ill”. This has angered the mental health community and further added to the stigma that people with a mental illness have to face every day.

I watched Mr. Rodger’s “Retribution” video (above) and the biggest takeaway I got from it is that he does not “seem” to be a person suffering from a mental issue, but a spoiled, misogynistic brat with a sense of entitlement that so many people have these days.

“Oh poor me: I’m 22 years old and still a virgin! I’m so sad because my family is rich and I’m driving around a black BMW and I get ignored by women! Why don’t beautiful women throw themselves at me? After all, I’m the “Perfect Gentleman”!”

Elliot Rodger

“Love me ladies: I’m The Perfect Gentleman”

I call bullshit.

I say this to the media: Don’t lump this little shit in with those of us with a real mental illness because you can’t believe that one of your beautiful little white rich children could do something so horrible if he wasn’t crazy.

“Oh, but he was the son of the Assistant Director of Hunger Games”

Yes, and he was spoiled from years of his parents neglect and programmed to solve his problems by shooting up a bunch of young girls from years of being sat in front of his Xbox playing Grand Theft Auto; instead of taking him out and playing basketball because you are crafting the next box-office smash hit.

Great job media!

Anyway, I don’t want to harp on this anymore. I’m not good with debates and maybe my ideas are way off the mark.

Read up on this yourself. Here is one article I found:

Watch the video and let me know what you think.

Am I wrong about this?

I have more to say about the American sense of entitlement. That they are all special and they deserve everything they can get. Look at our welfare system. It’s one of the reasons I don’t live in the US anymore.

But, I’ll save it for another time.

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(UPDATE: If you don’t like what I wrote here, please read this post)




3 thoughts on “Elliot Rodger’s “Retribution”: Mentally Ill or Just Misogynistic?

  1. Apparently he was very mixed in with the MRA’s and a lot of them say shit like this, while denying they are “hate groups”.(They are). Previous mass murderers tied in with MRA or PUA culture are: Anders Brevik & George Sodini. So a misogynist? Yes. He seems to have the standard “Nice Guy”(tm) rhetoric down to a T – “Oh, women won’t go out with me because I’m a nice gentleman and they all want to date brutes.” Seldom realizing they themselves are brutish in a more subtle way.

    According to ABC News, he did have a diagnosis, high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. But still, the majority of people with Asperger’s do not engage in violence. Fortunately, many of the stories I perused seemed to be more focused on his MRA ties than his Asperger’s Syndrome.

  2. If you watch the videos which Rodger posted on Youtube, as well as read bits of his manifesto, I don’t think there can be any doubt that he was suffering profound emotional distress. Yes, he may also have been an entitled, spoiled brat who ran with a privileged group of kids, but, that concept isn’t mutually exclusive to also suffering from a mental illness. Does mental illness not affect people of wealth and privilege? Please. Illnesses do not discriminate based on economic status. What the precise diagnosis was is beyond my expertise, but, this was a young man in obvious profound pain and distress.

    I think it’s incredibly inappropriate and unreasonable (as well as myopic) to make a claim, as you do (one entirely rooted in conjecture and unsupported by substantive evidence) that Rodgers didn’t suffer from “real” mental illness, whatever that means. I assume you have anointed yourself an authority on what constitutes “real” mental illness? Mental illness takes many forms and, its effects manifest themselves in many different, and sometimes, subtle, ways.

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