The One Where I Talk About Sex and My Underwear

There is no worse feeling for someone with a mental illness than going to your pill bottle and realizing you forgot to pick up your antidepressant yesterday. I know what I will be doing first thing this morning as soon as the pharmacy opens. It’s scary, but not a real big deal. My doctor told me the medication stays in my system for 48 hours so I’m good if I take it a little late. At least I took the meds for my anxiety. I was feeling a bit out of sorts when I woke at 2:30am. But I feel better now.


My wife bought me this coffee that advertises it will “Revitalize your Passion” (I wonder what she is trying to tell me). I’ve almost drank a whole box now and I have to say, ZING! I don’t know what the hell is in that stuff, but I feel like a teenager again. The guy across the street is drinking it too and he says he has been waking up to a flagpole ceremony every morning, and that hasn’t happened in a while.

Let me get the box.

It’s got Tongkat-Ali, Maca, Ginseng and Ganoderma. I know what Ginseng is, but the rest, I have no idea. I could be drinking fermented monkey piss for all I know. But hey, it works like a charm. My wife is 18 years younger than me and I am wearing her out. I love it!

I’ve also noticed that my brain has been clearer and working better lately. I have been writing like a madman, and I say with no bragging, it is some of the best stuff I’ve ever written. Maybe it’s the Ginseng? I am going to grab a big bottle of that stuff, it works great! I think you can only get it (the coffee) here in the Philippines, but I’m not sure, my wife did order it out of a catalog. I know you can get Ginseng anywhere.


No, my body has never looked like that.

Speaking of catalogs, my wife has been ordering stuff left and right lately. I do think that now she has 50 pairs of panties. I have 4 pairs of underwear with holes in them. She keeps trying to order me those thong underwear, but I won’t wear them. Not only do I not want something going up my butt, but my boys need room to breathe. I like loose-fitting underwear that doesn’t constrict. I mean, and I say again with all bragging aside, I’m not a small guy. I need room for The General to frolic and fresh air flow. Buy me some boxer-briefs and I am a happy man.

I need to stop talking about my penis and move on to something else.

Well, the sun just came up and I realized I only slept 4 hours last night. I usually take a nice nap during the day, but I’ve been so busy that I have been missing out lately. My doctor said I need to get plenty of sleep, so I am not following her orders. I just have so much energy and creative juices flowing, that sleep seems like a waste of time. I don’t seem to be suffering any ill effects from sleep deprivation. I did get 6 hours the night before so I think I’m doing pretty good.

It’s 5:30 am and my lovely wife and child should be getting up soon, so I better close it out here.

It’s been fun! See you tomorrow.




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