Life is Great…Did I Just Say That?

The Beautiful Islands of Coron, Philippines

The Beautiful Islands of Coron, Philippines

Well, this is my second day back writing in my blog again. I just finished a great post for my money saving website and I thought I would share a little with you about how things are going in my life.

I haven’t yet met my goal of finding a therapist, mostly because of money concerns, but I have it on my list to ask my Psychiatrist if she can suggest a good one for me. Time is another factor that has kept me from the couch. It seems I have very little time aside from working on my business and helping out my wife with the house and baby. I know that I can “make” time, but it’s always easier not to. I’ll let you know what happens.

It’s definitely summer in the Philippines. With no air conditioning to speak of, it has been very steamy these past few months. I am almost looking forward to the rainy season, but then I will complain that it never stops raining. At least our new house will have an awning so I can go sit outside and smoke if it is pouring, so that will be nice.

Today the wife and I are going to splurge and go eat seafood. It’s so nice being so close to the ocean; you can get such fresh seafood pretty much anywhere. They even drive their little carts around the subdivision and sell their mornings catch. Sometimes they even sell fresh chicken and vegetables straight from the fields.

There are some things I complain about here in the Philippines. The internet is terrible and the traffic is atrocious. Most public places are very crowded, which doesn’t help with my social phobias. But, I have to say, they good far outweighs the bad.

We don’t have the crime that I experienced in the states. Kids can walk to and from school and play in the streets without fear of being abducted. I don’t worry about my house getting ransacked. The weather is pretty nice year around and the food is so good. I love going to the city and buying treats from the many carts that set up business there. Life is slower and so much simpler here. People choose to spend time with their families instead of working long shitty hours to buy stuff that they don’t need. Life moves at a slower pace. It’s less stressful.

I love living here and the only regret I have is that I am so far from my 3 boys and my parents. But, the funny thing is, I talk to them more often now than I ever did when I lived closer to them. Weird.

Well, the sun is up, and I have a busy day planned so I better get going. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a good night’s sleep tonight.

See you tomorrow!





2 thoughts on “Life is Great…Did I Just Say That?

  1. Yes you DID just say that (life is great)! I’m so happy to hear you so upbeat, Schizo! The Philippines has some wonderful things, great seafood, less crime! Lets not talk about the crowds 🙂 I know you miss your family in the states. I wish so much you could have a visit here. Is there any way the family could help finance it? Maybe that’s too much too hope for. But I am still happy your spirit is bright 🙂

    • I’m feeling great today… a lot of work done very early this morning and have much running around to do today.

      I’ve been catching up on your blog. Glad to see you are gonna go see a therapist.

      See you later!

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