Writers Angst: The Silent Killer of Great Ideas

Stop Writing

Why is it when I sit down to write, I all of the sudden experience a huge amount of anxiety?

Don’t get me wrong: I love to write. But every morning I sit down, open Word, and I have that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.

It’s not because I can’t think of things to write about. My mind is constantly swirling with ideas that I can use. Sometimes I even have too many ideas and it’s hard to settle on just one.

Sometimes it helps if I go outside, light a cigarette, and do some deep breathing exercises. But I just went out and did it and guess what: the anxiety is still there, mocking me.

The sad thing is, when the anxiety starts, it makes my mind go blank and numb, and I sit here staring at a blank page agonizing about what to write. All the great and clever things I thought to write out just vanish, and I’m left with this terrible feeling of panic.

Why do I feel the need to make this harder than it should be? It’s just writing. Why am I so nervous about putting words on a page?

Does this happen to anyone else? If so, what do you do to combat it?


4 thoughts on “Writers Angst: The Silent Killer of Great Ideas

  1. Sometimes I have too many thoughts to concentrate, so I just write them all down until I have a clear mind and I have no thoughts left to squeeze out of my brain, then I feel better, calmer and happier because I have usually written loads and that’s an achievement in my eyes. I hope this helps 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment! I used to do a lot of free writing because I never felt like I could clear my head enough to write on topic. Maybe I will get into it more, it’s always a good exercise for my brain.

      • Yeah, I always never seem to be ablento stay on one topic for very long so this helps. Hope it helps you too and I hope everything goes alright whatever you do 🙂

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