A Little Angry Post Before Bed

I wrote a post for today, but all it contained was bunch of whining and complaining about how I am so depressed, anxious, paranoid and all that shit. I’m so sick of hearing myself think about it, I don’t want to write about it too.

Now that Baby Z is better, I need to start thinking about how to get my shit together and start doing something with my life. I can’t lay around depressed all the time anymore.

I was going to start that copywriting course this month, but I had to pay for the hospital bill, so that money is pretty much gone. But there are things I can still read and study to increase my knowledge, but I HAVE TO GET OFF MY ASS!

As you can probably tell, I am a little upset with myself, not for the last three days, because Baby Z was sick and there was nothing I could do about that, but for the attitude I am having today. If I stick with this shitty attitude, I will never get anything done, and I will just sit around and feel sorry for myself.

It’s just that I am so tired of feeling like shit. I wish I could just stop these thoughts in my head. All this negativity is killing the creative part of myself, and it scares me. I can’t even sit here and write a stupid blog post!

Well, I am going to bed so I can wake up for my writing and studying time. Hopefully a good night sleep will get rid of this anger at myself and I can do something worthwhile with my time.


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