A Short Update on Baby Z

Baby Z

We brought the baby home last night about 8:30 pm.

She is okay by the way. Back to her happy little self. It’s amazing to me how she went through hell and bounced back so easily.

She has some kind of gastrointestinal disorder I can’t even pronounce, but it looks as though she made it through the worst.

Health care in the Philippines is really amazing. The hospitals might be a little beat up, but you get the greatest care from the staff ever. I’m serious when I say you get like eight nurses per patient. Need to talk to a doctor? They are everywhere.

They allowed us to stay with the baby overnight, even though I only had a little bench to sleep on. I, of course, fell off the bench the first night and almost killed myself, but I survived.

And even though we received ten times better care than you get in a U.S. hospital, three days in the hospital cost only $400 USD. I almost shit myself when we got the bill.

It was a bad three days. I hope we don’t have to go through that again anytime soon.


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