Two Days of Getting Nothing Done

10:00 am – 2-25-2014

Last night I could not sleep. I got out of bed and got on Twitter, and sifted through the hundreds of tweets that have been accumulating.

I finally went back to bed about 12:30am. I knew I only had two hours I could sleep before I woke up for “Writing Time” at 2:30am. Guess what? I slept through the entire night. I awoke and looked out the window to see the sun coming up.

I was upset for about 30 seconds, and then I realized that anger was not a positive emotion and I was not going to let it poison my thoughts. Besides, I already wrote one post for the day, nobody would miss the second one. I have been trying not to beat myself up about not writing because I want to enjoy my writing time and not start viewing it as a chore that has to be done. I don’t think it’s healthy for someone who wants to write for a living to start hating writing

I got interrupted by life, so I took a little break. Four cigarettes and two cups of coffee later, I have completely lost what I was going to write about.


5:30pm – 2-25-2014

My whole sleep schedule is messed up. I slept all afternoon. The wife is mad and I don’t blame her. I need to get back on my writing and sleeping program, so I can be here during the day to help her.

I didn’t do anything I had planned for the day. I know it’s just one day, but I can’t let things slip through my fingers like this. Soon I will be working on my writing course, and I have to plan time to do it every day, plus the writing for this blog.

4:00am – 2-26-2014

Well, I didn’t get up at 2:30am like I was supposed to, but I did get up. I still have time to finish this before everyone gets up.

Yesterday was a bad day. Not only did I not finish anything like I was supposed to, I slept most of the afternoon away. But, yesterday is over and today is a new day.

I found a free writing course online and I am going to start that today after I post this. It’s amazing what you can find on the interweb when you really look. The course is called Copywriting 101. If it’s any good, I will post a link to it for everyone else to read.

My anxiety is really bad this morning. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest. The depression is pretty bad too. I am getting real tired of this. I take all this medication and it doesn’t fucking work, and it’s pissing me off. It is bad enough I have to take medication, and it costs so much, but when it doesn’t work it’s like adding insult to the injury.

Well, I’m done, I don’t feel like writing anymore. I’ll work on something better today and have it ready for when all of you wake up tomorrow.

Goodnight all!


9 thoughts on “Two Days of Getting Nothing Done

  1. Practice compassion for yourself, it’s okay to get off schedule from time to time; you know what you body needs, and it well tell you. Sometimes it needs to rest and recharge, especially before an endeavor like a new writing class! If you miss a day or two of blogging, we will still be here.

  2. As a writer I did have a point (not too long ago even) where I became completely and utterly disillusioned with writing (and especially the English Department in my university). And then, almost out of nowhere, I am introduced to creative nonfiction and the drive to write is back. I suggest the book Tell It Slant, and the Touchstone Anthology of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction together, as a sort of at home personal course. One of my favorite essays in it is Jo Ann Beard’s “Fourth State of Matter.”

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