Positive Thinking: Look What I Can Do with Just a Little

So I woke up with the idea that I will conquer everything I put my mind to today using positive thinking.

The only plans I had for the day was to write a blog post and investigate a few writing courses.

Of course, my brain was going to throw out every negative thought it could come up with, and add depression and anxiety to the mix. But I was ready for that tactic, because that is what happened yesterday and I allowed myself to have a bad and unproductive day. Today would not follow the same pattern.

I sat in the bean-bag chair with my laptop and was getting ready to start writing when my wife got a phone call. It seems the townhouse model we have been looking at to buy became available and all we had to do was put down a reservation fee and fill out a little paperwork and we would be able to start the process to townhouse ownership. The wife was overjoyed which immediately put me in a better mood. The model we chose won’t have any units completed for two years, which will give us just enough time to completely pay the down payment. We will be using the in-house financing as opposed to trying to get a bank give us a loan. I’m trying to leave out as much of the boring stuff that I can. The bottom line is this: two years to pay for the down payment, we move in, and then five more years to pay off the house.

After we finished with the paperwork we went to eat at a seafood place in celebration. The food was delicious! It helped that we were the only ones in the restaurant, so I could eat without the normal paranoia I feel in large groups of people.

After eating we came home, but I was feeling a little out of it so I figured I would do the research on some writing courses I want to take. I spent about two hours going through the pros and cons of each course and finally settled on one. I am going to start it next month when I have the money for it. I am excited to be moving forward to complete my goal of becoming a paid writer.

So, I already completed two things from my goals list and now I am doing the third by finishing this post.

Even though I am still feeling down and I have a lot of anxiety, I am happy I was able to get some things done today. Positive thinking seemed to do the trick.

Now to prepare myself for tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Positive Thinking: Look What I Can Do with Just a Little

  1. Awesome!!! You did it, that’s amazing! Just keep thinking positive, you can do this. 😀 Super stoked over here for you.

    Just remember on those nasty little bad days that you have, you had days like today and you can do it!

  2. So wonderful to hear you had a great day! It’s so exciting to think about relocating. I always feels like it’s a chance to “start over.” Maybe your new townhouse can do that for you too. In the meantime, definitely get to those online writing classes. May I suggest Writers Digest University? That’s where I first started taking Personal Essay Writing classes. You connect with other writers–there’s a jillion different courses to choose from. Anyway, stay on course, you’re on a path to something wonderful 🙂

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