Not Only has it Been Mental, But Physical Too

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It might be nothing, but then again it might be something I need to see a MD about.

For several months now, when I am in a really horrible depression, I get really bad body aches and pains and my skin gets very sensitive to the touch. It’s almost like I have the flu, but I don’t have any other symptoms.

I’ve tried taking a pain reliever, but it doesn’t help. What I normally do is sleep, and after I wake up I feel a little better, but after about an hour it comes back.

Last time I was at my psychiatrist my wife told her about this and she said it might be my medications. She didn’t do anything about it, because right now she is trying to fix the voices and anxiety, and she can only do so much at one time.

Speaking of my mental health, it doesn’t seem like it has helped at all to increase the dosages of my medications. It’s been hell trying to maintain a positive attitude while I am fighting off the depression, anxiety, voices and racing thoughts. Thankfully I haven’t been real suicidal, which has been a blessing. I have been sleeping a lot more than usual. We went to visit the in-laws at the farm today and I slept all day. I hope they didn’t think I was being rude, but I feel terrible.

I hope I can get over these physical and mental pains soon, because it is driving me crazy.

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