Laughter is the best antidepressant

Michelle Weber, the face of the Zero-to-Hero challenge, gave us this assignment for day 22:

Publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why you love the posts — and why we should read ‘em.

It’s Saturday for me (Friday for you) and I wanted to break from my weekday mold of depressing the hell out of everyone, and provide you with things I found to make you laugh. I know I always feel better after a good laugh. I wish I laughed more often, but sadly as I get older, I find less and less “stuff” that strikes my funny bone.

I found The Bloggess after I read a wonderful article about her on I quickly became obsessed with her honest style of writing and found myself laughing more than once while going through her archives. I even found a post called Strange and Beautiful where she talks a little about mental illness.

While not a blog in the strictest sense of the word, I find all kinds of interesting and funny depression memes on Memebase. While I realize that depression is not a really funny illness (are there any funny illnesses?), it never hurts to laugh about ourselves, does it? Here are just a few of the nuggets of humor I found this week:

Depression for dummies

Sometimes I feel like giving up


Another great site to make you laugh is Reddit. I found this gem this morning:

Do nothing

It’s funny because it describes the cycle of exactly what I do when I feel depression coming on.

I know I kind of cheated on today’s challenge, so I hope the blogging gods over at the Daily Post don’t send a thunderbolt over my way.

I hope if you are in the middle of a depressive episode that you find something to laugh at.


8 thoughts on “Laughter is the best antidepressant

  1. You know how I feel about laughter! And the older I get the more i crave laughter and the sillier I get just because it IS an antidepressant. That’s why I work to get this monkey off my back–I wanna die laughing!!! 🙂

      • I’m a former raging alkie, sort of. ;0)
        I never drink more than two glasses of red wine these days, which is twice per week or so. (Anything more brings on unbearable migraines.) So, it’s probably a good thing. It’s my safety device…heheh.

        But believe me, I’d be a raging alkie in a second if I could be! Sigh…

    • At first I thought somebody had Photoshopped it, but now I am pretty sure it’s real. I wish I could find a copy.

      BTW, I am a huge fan, I haven’t read your book yet, but I will. You always make me laugh.

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