Zero-to-Hero: Widgets and comments

It’s day 11 of the Zero-to-Hero 30 day challenge!

Yesterday we were asked to add a few widgets to our blog. I already spent a great amount of time agonizing over which widgets to put in my sidebar, so I didn’t really want to add any more. In the early stages of my blog last month, I had many, many widgets and I spent some time paring them down to the ones I knew helped navigating through my site. I also added a Facebook widget so people knew I had a fan page for my blog.

Today, Michelle asked us to be a good neighbor  and do some commenting on others blogs. I already spend several hours a day viewing others blogs and commenting, so this was nothing new to me. But, in the spirit of the challenge, I searched out three new blogs, using the tag Depression, and made some comments. I didn’t just pick three at random, I looked for posts that spoke to me and where I could either offer something of value or share my own experiences.

The three blogs I commented on were:
Shep’s mental universe
Jennifer Alice Blog
Echoes of Words

Challenge completed!


I have some thoughts brewing in my head so look for a post later in the day.

In the meantime, I have links to my Twitter and Facebook pages right under the search box on the top right part of this page. Take a look and let me know what you think.


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