Slice and dice your “about” page

Day 8 of the Daily Posts’ Zero-to-Hero 30 day Challenge and we were asked to revisit our “About” page. In the words of Michelle, our fearless leader, we are to:

Create an About page, or revisit and improve the one you have.

The last few days I had been working on my about section because I wanted something I could also use for my Twitter and Facebook pages. I thought I had something good until I read the 2 articles Michelle linked about building great “About” pages.

So I took the advice and sliced and diced my text, added a photo and linked some articles. Now I think it is very good. I can’t wait to see the feedback I get to see if I am right.

In other news, I added links to my Facebook and Twitter pages up top under the search box. I also added a Facebook “like” widget to my sidebar.

Don’t worry, this is not my only post for the day. I have something brewing in my tiny little head I want to talk about. I will post it later today.


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