Things are changing on my blog

Michelle at the Daily Post really had me thinking in day 5 of the Zero-to-Hero 30 day challenge. Today she asked us to try out several themes to find the best fit for our blog.

This is how my blog looked yesterday with the Reddle theme:

My blog with the Reddle Theme

It includes the header I made in Photoshop and I really liked it until I started looking around.

WordPress really has a lot of very nice free themes to choose from. In the end I chose the Splendio theme because I really liked the clean layout and use of fonts. Plus, I can make my own header so you should see some changes in the next few days.

When I woke up at 1:30 AM, I didn’t expect I would be thinking this hard. Good thing I had my coffee.

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6 thoughts on “Things are changing on my blog

  1. Great blog – found you yesterday. And I much prefer the new look. It just seems to have more initial impact and be more navigable (is that a word?!). I wonder, are you going to include a photo/image? I am not very good at knowing what images to choose but I have been told it kind of makes the page easier on the eye for the reader? I am not really sure what my views on this are – thought I’d ask the question though.

  2. You know what’s cool? Working on all this blog stuff takes the mind off all the things we dwelled on too much before. Maybe that’s a cue to find distractions. I’ll have to remind myself of that the next time I’m on the ledge, haha!

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