Exploring the blogging community


Well, it is day 4 of the Zero-to-Hero Challenge and Michelle has asked us to explore the neighborhood. This involves choosing 5 new topics in the reader and finding some blogs to follow.

I already follow quite a few blogs and I have 10 topics already in my reader where I can find new ones if I choose. The newest topic I search is “zerotohero”. I have been finding some great new blogs among my Zero-to-Hero teammates.

I am very picky about the blogs I choose to follow; the writing has to speak to me in some way. The author doesn’t have to be the greatest writer in the world, they just have to catch my attention and keep it. I look at my chosen blogs daily and they have to keep me engaged to stay on my reader list. I just added a “Blogs I Like” widget to my sidebar so feel free to browse through them and find out what I like to read.


As you can see, I finally purchased Photoshop and updated my boring blog with a customized header. Please let me know what you think.


The post I wrote yesterday, “I just want to be like everyone else but I’m not – I am mentally ill” was a big success. Please read it and comment on what you thought about it.

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11 thoughts on “Exploring the blogging community

  1. I’m really glad you are hitting it off!!! Your story deserves to be known, so many cases of depression and mental illness just get swept under the rug.

    I hope I helped with my shout out video. 🙂 You really impressed me yesterday, and not very many people impress me like that. Good job!!

  2. I think you do a wonderful job on your blog. I am following your blog with one of my blogs but I have yet to figure out how to follow anyone with my new blog LOL.. I think your header image is great good job.

      • Thank for the follow. I am glad you like my pictures. I used your blog and linked it for one of my 6 blogs I chose for todays challenge.

  3. Oh great–now you’ve gone all “fancy” on me, haha! Seriously, your new design is beautiful. Really pops! Hope I’m one of the ten you’re following 😉 Just kidding! You’re really stepping it up on that new writing challenge–way to go!

  4. I really enjoy your blog a lot. You are a great writer and I love the new header that you created. It really catches my eye. I love reading your blogs and I hope you continue to write. Please keep up the great work and I wish you the best success!!!

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