Weekend Update – A break from the challenge


“Borrowed” from Rebloggy.com

So, I’ll start off the day with some good news. Well it may not be exciting to anyone else but I purchased the URL, SchizoIncognito.com! It was really easy and I am glad I did it, because I think I may be doing this blogging thing for a while. I have really enjoyed myself this past month and have tended to be very regular with my postings.  Now I am doing the Zero-to-Hero Challenge and am reaping benefits already. My followers are increasing daily as are my visitors and page views. Bottom line: people are actually reading this thing!

My mood the past week has been awful, ever since the fight I had with F. Things are much better today and I am back to having that yearning to write that always helps me during the tough spots. I need to see my doctor about my medication, but she can’t get me in till the 17th. Maybe if I bug her enough, she will get me in sooner. I really need something more for this anxiety, and it doesn’t look like the depression was just because of the holidays like I thought.  The racing thoughts have returned and I don’t think I would be sleeping at all if not for these sleeping pills.

Baby Z has been very fussy from teething and I think she may drive F and I crazy with her whining and crying. I know from having kids before that it’s just a phase we have to get through, but for F this is a first to deal with and she is struggling.

Well, I’m off, for now. I’ll try to stay on top of the updating even though I am doing the challenge.

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