A day in the life of a schizo

A day in the life of a Schizo

4:00 AM

I’ve been up for an hour, trying to think of an idea for this post. I wanted to write about failure, but the words just wouldn’t come. Busy day in paradise for me. Going to the grocery for a little holiday shopping.

Going back to bed now.

6:20 AM

I just realized that I had a dream about Glen, the molester, last night.  He was in jail and I was visiting him. I can’t remember what his face looked like, it was blurry, but I recognized him by his hair. I can’t recall if there was any conversation. Weird, why would I dream about him?

The three of us woke at 5:30 and watched the moon as it hung on to the last bit of dark sky and the sun rose, warming the color of the clouds as moved.

My Car

8:15 AM

I just finished washing my car because it got dusty from going to the farm yesterday. But, I just realized it is going to get dirty again because we are taking my daughter over there later. I have the hardest time keeping this thing clean.

4:55 PM

Goodness, what a day!

We started out going to the grocery store. This store is part of this huge mall and it was bustling with last minute Christmas shoppers. Right away I knew I was going to have trouble. The anxiety was screaming through my insides like a baby with a dirty diaper. The grocery store was no better. Shoppers with carts full of goodies played bumper cars in the aisles, more often than not hurrying to block my way, after taking a really good look at the huge white guy. It’s not all in my head, people really do stare at me wherever I go. My brain was threatening to push itself out through my eye sockets.

We finished at the grocery store, and carried the bags out to the car. My wife decided she was hungry so we went back in and looked for a place to eat. There were so many people walking through the mall and stopping to eat we decided not to wait for a table and left. My wife’s brother and work mate were with us and wanted to go to another mall to pick up a few things not available in this one. We weaved our way through the holiday traffic and headed downtown to the other mall. The drivers in paradise must make up their own driving rules because I saw some really ridiculous maneuvers on the roads. Thankfully, we made it safely to our destination. The parking garage was completely full and we ended up parking on the top level in the hot midday sun.

This mall was worse than the first one, and I grabbed my wife’s hand and held on for dear life as we bumped through the crowd. After a short time I decided that I couldn’t take the pressure anymore and we went to a chicken place to eat. We secured the last table available and ate as the crowd in the establishment ate and drank around us. After what seemed an eternity, we finished and walked back through the surging crowd and made it to our car.

After another scary drive through the city, we made it back to the farm to collect our daughter. She ended up being asleep in the middle of a 4 hour nap so we sat down and my mother-in-law set food in front of me. She is under the impression that my wife does not feed me enough, and says I am too thin, even though I can feel my waistline expanding on a daily basis.  So I ate. It turned out to be a very delicious cake that seemed to reappear on my plate when I turned my back for a moment.

Finally we are home and I have a little time to myself to write. The wife is outside with my daughter trying to get her to wear herself out so we can get some sleep at a decent time tonight. I can hear her little piercing screams every so often as she plays with the other children in the street outside our house.

6:45 PM

Been a long day, it’s time to publish!

See you tomorrow!

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