My battle with weight gain and weight loss

The last 25 years, since I started taking medication, have been a battle of the bulge. Want to know how I fared?

When I was in my 20’s and I was prescribed medication for my worsening depression and anxiety, I took the time to read the warning information. Most medications will tell you that taking them may result in weight gain or loss. I was a little worried by that statement, because up until that point I had been skinny. I didn’t want to get fat; my dad had been fat my whole childhood and I saw what a struggle it had been for him.

As it turns out, I wouldn’t get fat till I was in my mid-30s. It started innocently enough with feeling like I was hungry all the time. More often than not, instead of grabbing a piece of fruit or some kind of veggie, I would grab a donut or something equally fattening. My waistline continued to grow each day until I was almost 300 pounds. I wasn’t lucky enough to get fat all over my body, I gained it all in my stomach till I looked like I was pregnant. Eventually I gained weight in other areas of my body.

I didn’t like myself at 300 pounds, but I had other problems with my mind that I needed to deal with that were more important than a few fat cells. I tried a diets now and then, but never stayed on one for very long and ended up gaining back what I lost plus a few more pounds.

Eventually, I gave up on losing weight and just ignored the voices when they called me a fat pig. My family never said much about my bursting waistline. Strangers were happy enough just to stare at my freakishly large stomach and continue on with their business. My wife had been fat since the birth of our first child, so she never said anything. She finally did get skinny in the final years of our marriage because the guy she had been screwing was very thin, and she wanted to look good for him.

My change finally occurred when I moved to this tropical paradise. Everyone here is skinny. You don’t see many fat people, unlike the U.S. where all you had to do was go to Walmart to fit in.

My second wife is very petite and thin. As I stepped off the airplane to meet her, I never will forget that “I didn’t know he was that fat” face she made. Oh, she tried to cover it up, but I saw it. I outweighed her by 200 pounds and am taller by a foot or so. But, she was just happy that I was with her, and never made an issue of my weight.

The change started when I ate the foods of this country. Unlike America, where plates are stuffed with helpings of meat and potatoes, the food here consisted of rice and very small portions of meat and veggies. Eventually my metabolism changed and the pounds literally slid off my frame. After a year I was down to 190 pounds and I was feeling good about my weight. I was taking Haloperidol and it caused me to never feel hungry, so that helped the process somewhat. The muggy and hot weather helped me sweat off pounds as well.

I have kept the weight off for about a year now. That is, until 2 weeks ago when my anti-psychotic was changed  and I started to feel hunger again. My wife noticed I had been eating more, and warned me about gaining all my weight back. Despite her warning, I noticed that I had gained a little weight in my stomach area again. I weighed myself at the doctors office, but the result was in kilograms, and I have been too lazy to convert it.

So as part of my recovery plan I added “don’t gain weight” to the end. Hopefully, I won’t get back to 300 pounds again.

Please leave a comment and tell me about your struggle with weight as a result of medication. I promise to keep you up-to-date with my bulging waist line.


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